AI and Robotics are Improving Healthcare

1. AI and Robotics can help improve healthcare by supporting doctors, nurses, hospital staffs and other medical experts with automating tasks, data collection and analysis and assisting the patient care.

2.The real magic of the Robo-doctor will come from artificial intelligence systems that can learn to perform what the best doctors can do. Even though most experts agree that AI will not replace trained medical staff, but will make them more efficient in several areas, including:

Genomics Optimizing Health and Future Societies

  1. Genome is an organism’s complete set of genetic instructions made up of billions bases of DNA. DNA sequencing could reveal a lot about health and overall well-being of an individual, such as diseases they’re more prone to, medications that work the best for them and ways to improve their health or genes that they could pass on to their offspring.
  2. Humans differ in their distribution of genetic variations. With approximately 30,000 genes to choose from, assigning a specific gene or group of genes to a corresponding human disease demands a methodical approach consisting of many steps assessing disease across families or across unrelated individuals.
  3. DNA testing are performed to help physicians and their patients by providing actionable results. Early diagnosis of a disease could significantly increase the chance of finding a treatment and genomics could detect a disease long before symptoms appear.
  4. Improving health care requires the alignment of huge health data with appropriate and timely decisions and predictive analytics.
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RoboBiomics Meets Cutting Edge Technology

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  1. By bringing new age AI, machine and deep learning, new algorithm and our expertise in genomics into one place we’re creating new generation of universal screening system to enable us collect, analyze, store and screen vast amount of genetic, medical, psychological, physiological, nutritional and physical data. We’re developing tools that can detect health risk factors and lower the prevalence of diseases and anomalies in humans before they become real threats, while improving the health care and optimizing the overall quality of life and society
  2. We are creating chips using top technologies to store overall genotype and phenotype health information.
  3. In any critical biological bottleneck stage, we can identify possible health risks to a patient/client as well as those transmittable to their offspring.

Our Solution: RoboBiomics Genetic Tool

Using our expertise to design mobile apps, analytic software, automated lab on the chips, automate genetic diagnostic methods, establishing algorithmic code and making counselor robots to:

Facilitate collecting relevant data from the clients and patients about their clinical genetic history, psychological characteristics and their diet and daily activities.

Perform risk assessment of biological conditions related to health risks to make a powerful and comprehensive screening tool.

Detect any risk involved in human health regardless of nature of the risk.

Establishing the foundation for a powerful all in one genetic lab on the chips.

Build an Avicenna Genetic Counselor Robot.

Management Team

Seyed Kazem Bidoki

CEO , PhD in Medical Molecular Genetics, UK MSc in Molecular Genetics, UK Post Doctoral, Australia

Venus Babakhani

CTO , BSc Software Engineering

Sara MohammadPour,

CMO , Pharmacy Student, Experience in Biology

Leila Zamani Ayoobloo

Director of Operations MSc Psychology, BSc Nursing